Dubai Investors

How A Startup in Dubai Can Succeed

When you think of Silicon Valley what do you think of? Maybe you think of Elon Musk going to space or Peter Thiel searching for immortality. Maybe you think of scrappy entrepreneurs using breakthrough technologies to change the world. In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs benefit from networks that provide insider information, venture capital, human capital, mentorship, […]

MENA Tech Investors to Follow on Twitter

MENA Tech Investors You Should Follow on Twitter

Startups in the MENA region received over $870M investments last year. That is a good indicator that there is a growing interest in the startup ecosystem and investors are getting comfortable investing in technology and not just in the traditional asset class such as real estate. At WOMENA, we’ve reviewed over 900 pitch decks and funded six startups […]

WOMENA Angel Group Bayzat Souqalmal

WOMENA Angel Group Announces Two New Investments in the MENA Region

WOMENA, a Middle East based angel group has recently completed two more investments in companies Bayzat and Souqalmal, bringing the total amount invested since launch to $462,000. With these two deals, WOMENA has increased the value of investments made in 2016 by 400% compared to 2015’s investments. Bayzat is a cloud-based platform that targets the […]

Female MENA angels

Why Are Female Angel Investors Important to the MENA Ecosystem?

“Most female angel investors are currently, or have been, founders of a startup. So, I believe that having female venture capitalists and angel investors onboard positively impacts the investment process, because they have walked in our proverbial shoes and they understand how we think, what we need and how to give it to us. By […]

Chantalle Dumonceaux Startup Your Life Conference

Challenges and Opportunities for Startup Investors in Tunisia and Morocco – Part II

This is the second part of my recent trip to Tunisia and Morocco. Check out the first part of this travel series: Challenges and Opportunities for Startup Investors in Tunisia and Morocco – Part I. Next we flew to Morocco. There is a special customs procedure between Tunisia and Morocco and it took us an hour […]

Chantalle Dumonceaux Tunisia Panel

Challenges and Opportunities for Startup Investors in Tunisia and Morocco – Part I

Obama administration created the office of Special Representative to Muslim Communities in the State Department in order to promote economic development and combat extremism. I was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of a delegation promoting entrepreneurship in Tunisia and Morocco. The delegation was myself, representing the WOMENA – Angel Investment Network, Yasmeen Turayhi, […]