We seek to help our members have confidence as investors, generate better returns, build their community, and foster entrepreneurship in a group of women with a culture of







We cannot do this without a member base with similar goals so we request our members to follow certain guidelines.

Preparation: I will ask questions, discuss, seek guidance, and review shared information before making a commitment to invest in any company.

Learning: I will learn actively and use the educational resources made available to me through WOMENA.

Meetings : I will attend meetings as frequently as possible and participate in discussions.

Communication: I will make myself available to and communicate with fellow members and WOMENA staff quickly and readily during the investment process.

Investment: I am joining WOMENA with the intent to invest in presenting companies.

Commitments: I will follow through with my commitments to invest in presenting companies.

Collaboration: I will foster a group that benefits from shared knowledge and investment power, seek an alignment of interests with other members, and will not act competitively.

Knowledge sharing: I will share my knowledge and discuss presenting companies openly. I will not refrain from asking questions or discourage others from asking questions.

Meeting conduct: I will not interrupt speakers, entrepreneurs, or MCs during meetings.

Confidentiality: Materials I receive and discussions about presenting companies is confidential and sensitive. I will only share these with other members and WOMENA staff.

Conflict of Interest: I will notify the management of WOMENA if I have a potential conflict of interest with the entrepreneur and I will not attempt to hinder the entrepreneur’s success.

Payment: I will pay my yearly membership dues on time and understand that I will not be allowed to attend meetings or participate in investments if they are delinquent.