What we provide

  • Seamless and fun investing: We and our team of advisors and consultants facilitate the investment process from deal source to deal close.

  • An exclusive network: Members have access to a group of innovative, like-minded women from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Access to meetings: At our monthly, exclusive dinner meetings, entrepreneurs pitch their companies and expert speakers discuss important topics.

  • Customized one-to-one workshops: Our educational process is tailor-made to each member with patient guidance, carefully selected educational materials, and on-call answers.

  • Access to our online deal room: Members can easily participate from home or while traveling by participating in our private online group.

  • Co-investors and diversification: Historically, average returns are higher for angel investors in groups in large part because they can reduce risk by investing smaller amounts in a variety of promising companies.

  • Quality deal flow: Sourced from a variety of reputable partners and organic applications, only pre-screened entrepreneurs present to our members.

  • A stronger negotiating position: Our members get better terms for their investments because they are collectively investing larger amounts.

  • Shared knowledge: Our members optimize their investment decisions by sharing their respective expertise and supporting each other’s learning process.

  • Post-investment support: We help members monitor and mentor their portfolio companies, increasing the likelihood of success for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

  • Entrepreneur guidance: Oftentimes, one of our members will take a board seat on a portfolio company, helping the company with mentorship, contacts, and valuable expertise they use to do better.

  • Community impact: By investing as part of WOMENA, you help spur economic growth, promote innovation, entrepreneurs take the next step, create jobs in the community, and create a better quality of life for all.

We guide you through and facilitate the entire investment process. You make the decisions.


  • Women who will enrich the WOMENA community.

  • Women who are forward-thinking and enterprising.

  • Women who understand the risk associated with investing and want to learn to reduce it.

  • Women who want to contribute actively to their community.

  • Women who believe they have something to offer young companies.

  • Women who will help funded ventures with their networks and guidance.

  • Women who plan to attend at least three of our monthly meetings each year.

  • Women who are not afraid to make several investments per year.

  • Women who are proactive and motivated.

  • Women who fit international standards for accredited investors.

Please see our accreditation and investor code of conduct pages for more information. To learn more about the investment process, click here

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