Aschkan Abdul-Malek

Founder of AlemHealth, a WOMENA portfolio company


WOMENA has been instrumental to our growth, allowing us to access capital in a region where angel investment is far from established and difficult to source. They have a professional due diligence process, move quickly, and allowed us to get back to what we do best, pushing the boundaries of where high quality healthcare is available. The investment helped us go from an MVP to a polished, scalable product that we could take global.”

Sharene Lee

Cofounder of Melltoo, a WOMENA portfolio company


“Our experience with WOMENA has been wonderful. Seeking investment is typically a painful and time-consuming process that diverts attention away from growing our business. With WOMENA, the process has been quick and smooth. The WOMENA team, despite being highly demanding in performing due diligence, is extremely efficient and the turnaround time was under three weeks. This is incredible, considering all the care that was put into the process. I can honestly say that I wish all investors did things the way WOMENA does.



Kamal Hassan

President & CEO of Innovation 360


“Women investors are very critical for the success of the startup ecosystem and we need more women participation in investment and startups in general. WOMENA is at the right time and right place to fulfill this.”

Dr. Ossama Hassanein

General Partner at Newbury Ventures, Chairman at Techwadi


“WOMENA angel investors will help MENA entrepreneurs translate their ideas into value propositions that serve growth markets. In the process, jobs will be created, so will value that can be shared between the founders and investors. WOMENA is empowering women through topical education, exposure to innovative ideas, collaboration, and deployment of capital to achieve high returns. To that extent, it is the most unique vehicle for women economic empowerment.