For non-US passport holders, there are no specific accreditation standards. Instead, we focus on making the risks of investing clear and advise that you do not allocate more than 10-15% of your portfolio to angel investments.



Although there are no specific legal accreditation standards for investors in the United Arab Emirates, WOMENA bases its accreditation criteria on United States accredited investor laws. These criteria are established to protect potential members by ensuring that they can comfortably tolerate the risk associated with early stage investing. To qualify as an accredited investor, a member must have at least one of the following:

Individual net worth, or joint net worth with your spouse exceeding $1,000,000 USD excluding the value of your primary home

Individual yearly income of at least $200,000 USD for at least three consecutive years

Joint yearly income with your spouse of at least $300,000 USD for at least three consecutive years

A legal person (such as a family office, corporation or trust) with assets exceeding $5,000,000 USD